Gabos Assistant is an innovative system operating as a medical communicator, which increases the comfort of the patient in the hospital ward by optimizing the communication process between medical and administrative personnel and the patient.

Gabos Assistant

The best care for the sick

Gabos Assistant provides the best possible care for patients in the hospital ward and increases their comfort in the medical unit. The system is a complementary component of HIS software currently use in hospitals. It is a great improvement for doctors and medical personnel in communication with the patient and registration of prescribed events.


  • The system includes mobile software, like “medical assistant”
  • Medical assistant software has the functionality of a messenger for medical personnel used to communicate with other personnel and/or with the patient
  • The ability to locate people and equipment and verify the availability of these resources
  • The ability to control the flow of information and tasks to accomplish
  • Communication is possible within a given time frame. This interval is related to a specific stay in a given branch
  • Komunikacja może być ograniczona do personelu powiązanego z daną hospitalizacją pacjenta
  • The ability to transfer images
  • The ability to communicate with other people, with a specific group of users, with everyone
  • The ability to accept consent from the patient
  • The ability to automatically send notifications at a specified time
  • Configurable range of form elements available to the patient
  • The ability to call by sending an alarm message to a specific group of personnel or “cascading” to the next person on the list if the previous person does not respond to the call
  • Medical and nursing orders for an individual or a group of individuals can be transferred from the HIS system
  • The software allows you to assign to the patient a care plan (permanent activities) with the ability to add tasks related to medical orders (requests to transport the patient for examination, to administer medication, etc. ). Based on plans and orders, each personnel member receives a task plan for a given day in a specific order (with a specific execution time).
  • The software supports the preparation of medical and nursing documentation: an individual care card, nursing reports, etc. (automatic preparation of documentation and reports e. g. at the end of the day)
  • Direct integration of the software with HIS and external systems for sending orders and receiving results. This integration is implemented using the HL7 protocol.
  • The software supports patient preparation for admission/examination/procedure, etc. by sending pre-event information to the patient via the software and giving the patient the opportunity to consult the doctor remotely after the event (e. g. to report worsening, ask the doctor a question, etc.)
  • Based on the integration with the HIS system and the internal task generator, the input for electronic medical records is created, which eliminates the need for manual reporting and the implementation of care plans, while providing visual effects of the nursing process with the ability to compare the patient’s condition before admission and after discharge.
  • The software has the ability to determine the location of people. The software uses a beacon device to precisely locate people – a passive device that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Beacons can be assigned to a specific zone.
  • The ability to automatically identify a person moving around the building using wristbands.
  • The ability to divide the facility into closed and open zones – personnel staying in the closed zone do not receive messages.
  • The to-do list can be automatically narrowed down to the area (e.g., room) in which the person is currently staying (based on automatic location).
  • The ability to collect information from the patient about his/her health during his/her stay (e.g. periodic self-assessment of pain, body temperature, etc.)
  • The software enables the use of ICNP classification so that it creates a possibility to record and monitor the workload of nursing personnel with activities and procedures.
  • The ability to collect data from external loT devices (e. g. location transmitters in places where the use of smartphones is not possible, automatic thermometer)
  • Infrastructure management (e. g. collecting information about the battery level of the device)

Gabos Assistant

Moscati Project

The product was created on the basis of the results of the research and development project. See more:


Gabos Software Innovations

Wide Medical Solution

We have created a system not only for medicine or administration but also for the patient.

SKRYBA project

An innovative system supporting the creation of medical documentation using artificial intelligence


A solution that allows patients to use medical services without leaving home.

Assistant Gabos

A solution that allows patients to use medical services without leaving home.


The modularity of the solution

Thanks to its modular design, WMS can be adapted to the individual needs of medical facilities. WMS is open to integration with systems from other manufacturers. Gabos Software provides full technical and substantive support for the WMS solution.


Case Study

Dedicated application

Automation and update management

As a developer of healthcare software, we faced the problem of how to license products and automate the process of updating systems along with the increasing number of clients.


Monitoring of changes in medical data

During the period of the introduction of the GDPR Act, we faced the challenge to integrate into an already functioning medical system without loss of performance and functionality a mechanism allowing monitoring changes in medical data.