Analyzing the needs of our clients in the medical and administrative area, we have created an integrated IT system Wide Medical Solution with many applications in the service of medical facilities.


Full support for medical processes service

Full support for medical processes service

WMS supports the operation of medical and administrative processes carried out in clinics, networks of clinics, and hospitals. Starting with the generation of Electronic Medical Records (EDM), by a settlement of services performed with a payer (NFZ and commercial), to settlements with the personnel of the medical facility.

The software makes it possible to provide patients with a number of e-services
including online registration, access to medical records and test results, as well as video consultations between the patient and the doctor.


Gabos Software Innovations

Wide Medical Solution

We have created a system not only for medicine or administration but also for the patient.

SKRYBA project

An innovative system supporting the creation of medical documentation using artificial intelligence


A solution that allows patients to use medical services without leaving home.

Assistant Gabos

A solution that allows patients to use medical services without leaving home.


The modularity of the solution

Thanks to its modular design, WMS can be adapted to the individual needs of medical facilities. WMS is open to integration with systems from other manufacturers. Gabos Software provides full technical and substantive support for the WMS solution.


Case Study

Dedicated application

Automation and update management

As a developer of healthcare software, we faced the problem of how to license products and automate the process of updating systems along with the increasing number of clients.


Monitoring of changes in medical data

During the period of the introduction of the GDPR Act, we faced the challenge to integrate into an already functioning medical system without loss of performance and functionality a mechanism allowing monitoring changes in medical data.