WMS capabilities of handling occupational medicine tasks

A solution dedicated to all units performing roles in the service of occupational medicine

About us

People, ideas, relationships – together
we create Gabos Software

People, ideas, relationships – together we create Gabos Software

Gabos Software Sp z o. o. produces software for medical facilities, its main focus is Wide Medical Solutions (WMS). For more than 30 years, it has been developing and supplying software exclusively for the healthcare sector. It specializes in designing, manufacturing, and providing high-quality IT systems tailored to the individual requirements of medical institutions.

30 years of experience

Hundreds of medical facilities

Serving a million patients a year


Case Study

Dedicated application

Automation and update management

As a developer of healthcare software, we faced the problem of how to license products and automate the process of updating systems along with the increasing number of clients.


Monitoring of changes in medical data

During the period of the introduction of the GDPR Act, we faced the challenge to integrate into an already functioning medical system without loss of performance and functionality a mechanism allowing monitoring changes in medical data.

Gabos Assistant

Do you want to optimize patient care?

The assistant is addressed to medical entities that want to improve the quality and level of management of the work of medical personnel and patients’ treatment.

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