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Projekty Unijne

MOSCATI project

Project goal: developing medical communicator software, the use of which will increase the patient’s comfort in the hospital ward by optimizing the communication process between medical, administrative and patient personnel.

Planned effects: the medical messenger is to enable the best care for patients in the hospital ward and increase their comfort. The system will be a complementary element of the HIS software currently used in hospitals. The basic research challenge will be the development of an adaptive / self-learning algorithm optimizing the use of hospital personnel resources in a hierarchical approach, as reported by patients or staff, as well as dynamically changing tasks assigned to them on an ongoing basis, in order to obtain the fastest solution to the reported problem by selecting available, adequate to the situation personnel. Next, the work will include the development of a test stand enabling the algorithm to be tested in laboratory conditions. The result of R&D will be a prototype system that will be tested in operational conditions.

Project value: PLN 1,827,263.25

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 1 067 723.27